Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Magamit ni nga QR Code in other Municipalities / Cities?

A: No, It is a different system, meaning magamit lang ang QR Pass/Code sa ARK within tibuok albuera.

Q: Required nga mag register?

A: It is strongly suggested to register since dli na e.allow ang individual na maka sulod sa diin mang establishment sa abuera kung wala kay QR Pass. Og dli ka mogawas og dli ka mugamit niini imo kining desisyon.

Q: Is the ARK complying on Data Privacy?

A: Yes, 1 st we stated the privacy policy upon registration for your consent. 2 nd Particular people on authority in LGU of Albuera such as the Mayor, PNP, and RHU only has the access to all the data of the system; even ARKTECH has no access to this data since it will be fully turn over to the LGU of Albuera. Data will not be used and utilized in any other purposes but solely for contact tracing. Encryption is applied to QR Codes and all other sensitive information for privacy and security purposes.

Q: Naka register na ko pro wala ni load ang QR Code/ wala nako na save ang QR Code unsaon nako pag retrieve?

A: Since we heightened our privacy policy for respecting and security of the data of each citizens of Albuera--- they will be the one to assist you. But rest assured you are already registered. No need to register again. In no time you will have your QR code before scanners will be deployed.

Q: Gusto ko mag usab og info sa ako gi register ako pa ba ma edit?

A: Yes ask for assistance sa LGU Albuera or imo Brgy. It will generate new QR Code. So minimize lang ang pag modify.

Q: Escreenshot gyud or esave ang picture or pwede ra eprint?

A: Screenshot, Picture, or Printed and Laminated okay ra sya tanan but advisable na e-print sya og laminate if walay kaugalingon phone ang us aka individual.

Q: Dili na ba kinahanglan og Quarantine pass kung may QR?

A: Depends to LGU of Albuera pro ang purpose sa quarantine pass is to regulate number of people na manggawas and ang purpose sa QR Code is to record activities sa us aka individual.

Q: Okay rag mag binuang og register since dili man strikto ang validation?

A: Every QR Code are subject for validation, kada gamit ani maninahanglan ni og ID to support your identity. Kung naga gamit ka og invalid na QR or dli nmo QR you are not allowed to enter the establishment and sanctions can be applied by using wrong identity.

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