What is Ecotourism activity?
Ecotourism activity is an activity in which one or more guides take an individual or group of people on an excursion to one or several places. Tours typically combine activities such as walking, driving, or riding with viewing and interacting with the environment and culture of the area.

The Tourism Council of the Municipality of Albuera headed by the Hon. Sixto B. Dela Victoria proudly presents the promotional video of the Canyoneering Activity held in Sibugay Mountain Resort, Magtalisik Falls and Languyon Falls.

The Local Government Unit of Albuera would like to acknowledge our local ecoguides in the municipality. Namely, Sir Ronnie, Sir Onyot and Sir Danny.

Photographers: Joseph Levi Sausa, Alvin Toyong
Videographer: Joseph Calle Banghet
Video Editor: Denxo Martinez Lepon

Assistants: John Mark Panilag Diagro, Archie Santillana, John Rey Ramiscal
Models: John Dela Victoria, Rose Ybañez Maskariño and Sir Erwin of DBSN

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